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In recent years, it has become evident that in order to better understand the phenomenon of psychoactive substance use and its implications for physical and mental health, a multidimensional approach is necessary, since there are many and varied aspects involved in the consumption of psychoactive substances and the development of addictions. Among people with a substance use disorder there is a high prevalence of psychiatric comorbidity, dual pathology, which entails significant difficulties, such as those inherent in evaluation and treatment.

The concept of Dual Pathology is extremely widespread in the field of addictions and due to its complexity, has an important impact in offering treatment options to effectively treat the disease.

That is why this year, the 19th International Congress on Addictions "Dual Disorders and Comorbidity associated with Substance Use," will be held in conjunction with the World Association of Dual Disorders (WADD).

This academic event will review the most recent research in the field, in order to link researchers, groups and sectors from different countries towards a better understanding of what Dual Pathology means and its implications, in order to provide timely, attention that favors the well-being of the population and contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of patients, their families and their environment in general.

Continuing education of health professionals in charge of caring for people at risk or who are addicted should include cutting-edge topics; So that, as in previous years, the working tables and conferences that make up this Congress, will have experts in the field, both nationally and internationally. In addition, the 3th International ISSUP Workshop for Certification in Prevention and Treatment will be held by specialists from the International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP).

It is thus, that we give the most cordial welcome to this space of exchange of knowledge and practices oriented to the well-being and the dissemination of healthy lifestyles.

Carmen Fernández Cáceres
General Director
Centros de Integración Juvenil

As President of the World Association on Dual Disorders (WADD), it is a great pleasure to be a participant in the 19th International Congress on Addictions organized by Centros de Integración Juvenil (CIJ), in the city of Cancún, on December 6-8 of 2017. Within the framework of this event, workshops for updating and certification with an international character will also be carried out.

The concept of "Dual Pathology" based on an addictive process combined with a mental disorder is valued as a new clinical paradigm to better understand and treat mental illnesses combined with addictions more effectively.

In the scientific framework of neurosciences, considered multidisciplinary, we have contributed to the organization of different clinical activities within the concept of dual pathology, which leads to clinical investigations and therapeutic approach of patients suffering from addictions combined with other mental illnesses.

We are deeply grateful for the cordial welcome offered by the organizers from Centros de Integración Juvenil, A.C., to our new global society of "Dual Pathology"; Together we have started a new path that we hope will become a great benefit for our patients, their families, as well as the society in general that have long demanded clinical responses based on scientific evidence.

We welcome all colleagues and professional friends who will bring a global perspective to this congress.

Dr. Pedro Ruiz
World Association on Dual Disorders (WADD)

A warm welcome from ISSUP to this major event with respect to substance use. We are extremely pleased to collaborate with our Mexican partners to present what will be a stimulating and informative experience for those who work or have an interest and involvement in the field of prevention or treatment.

ISSUP is primarily concerned with helping to professionalize the substance use workforce by providing access to training, information, research, and news as well as the opportunity to dialogue with others operating in the international prevention and treatment community. This event is a major annual contribution from ISSUP, working in collaboration with CIJ and international partners, to offer both training and an opportunity to hear from key international experts on key issues that face those working in this vitally important field.

Uniquely ISSUP will be coordinating training from a range of international partners during this event including inputs from Colombo Plan, WHO, UNODC, PAHO, CADCA, CICAD and more. We do hope you will be able to attend to help ensure that the policy and practice that is developed throughout the world is based on sound evidence, and high quality standards and ethical principles.

We hope you will join us and look forward to meeting you in Mexico.

Jeff Lee
Executive Director
International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP)

Preliminary Program

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Roberto Tapia-Conyer
Kena Moreno
Pedro Ruiz
Carmen Fernández Cáceres
Jeff Lee
Gerry Eijkemans
Vladimir Poznyak
Néstor Szerman
Brian Morales
María Elena Medina-Mora
Thomas Kattau
Thom Browne
Alberto Scavarelli
Alexandra Hill
Alejandro González-González
Andrej Kastelic
Ángel Manuel Turbi Pinazo
Ángel Prado García
Angélica Ocampo Ocampo
Arnulfo L´Gamíz Matuk
Antonio Lomba
Beatriz León Parra
Berenice Santamaría
Bruno Díaz
Carlos Magis
Caroline Salom
David Kershenobich
David Marsh
Dessa Bergen-Cico
Eduardo Ángel Madrigal de León

Elena Hedoux
Elizabeth Saenz
Enrico Costa
Erik Leijonmarck
Felix Kessler
Gilberto Gerra
Gabriel Sotelo
Giovanna Campello
Gregory Bunt
Guadalupe Ponciano
Guillermo Castaño
Hugo González Cantú
Hugo Ferreira
Icro Maremmani
Jeffrey Zinsmeister
Jimmy Larios
Karelly Villanueva
Leticia Calderón
Lilia Nuñez
Marta Torrens Mélich
Martha Palencia
Martha Romero
Martha Givaudan
Melody Heaps
Michal Miovsky
Miguel Angel Sánchez Tovar
Milton J. Rojas Valero
Miriam Carrillo
Munawar Fayyaz Sunny
Nancy Amador
Nelly Ramírez Mota
Nusa Segrec
Oriol Esculies
Óscar Prospero García
Paola Ottenga
Patricia Andrade
Rafn Magnus
Rosa Alati
Ricardo Sánchez Huesca
Ricardo Nanni
Richard M Gakunju
Roberto Canay
Richard Pates
Rodrigo Marín Navarrete
Roger Peters
Rosario Tapia
Silvia Morales
Silvia Cruz Martín del Campo
Solveig Rodríguez
Sven-Olov Carlsson
Thomas Legl
Víctor Manuel Guisa Cruz
Xóchitl De San Jorge Cárdenas

Proof of registration and payment will be required at the Congress venue. Without exception, no refunds will be made for payment of registration.

CLARIFICATION NOTE: Scholarship for groups of 10 people:

To validate the scholarship of 100% of the tenth person, please write in the comments box of the registration form the folios of the 9 registered people that endorse the tenth scholarship.


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